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Over time, body oils, perspiration, skin acids and other soils work their way into leather. Many cleaning products on the market are not appropriate for leather cleaning and may break down leather finishes, promoting dryness & cracking. Some contain wax-type conditioners to soften leather, however over time; these harden and glaze up.

Chem-Dry leather cleaning products restore leather’s natural vibrancy and shine. With regular professional leather cleaning, you can prevent undue wear and keep your leather furniture looking great.

Our technicians will identify your furniture’s leather types and select products specifically designed to clean and remove soil build-up and other stain causing elements. We then apply a conditioning and nourishment treatment to revitalise and replenish its natural beauty. 

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Protect your investment!

Have your leather professionally cleaned to maintain its health & vitality for many years to come.

Chem-Dry leather care products are safe and effective

Our products have been endorsed by more than 300 tanneries & manufacturers!

Did you know?

Leather, when properly maintained, will last 4 or 5 times longer than fabric or man-made fibers?

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