Sunday 20th July 2014.


Welcome back. Wow, what a week! Globally there is serious stuff going on at the moment. I think we all need to put our collective thoughts and prayers out there to everyone affected & create some good mojo!


I know I feel like the world is a better place once I’ve done some exercise. I also like when the house is clean & organised. It may not stay in that condition for long (resident tornados frequent our place a few times a day & seem to follow me from room to room) but I like to be proactive & feel more organised when I can find things because its clean & tidy.

I love this quote from Karen Lamb:


‘A year from now you will wish you had started today.’


Life really is too short & you just have to take that first step – it’s the hardest part. If you don’t take that first step, you’ll be in the same place tomorrow.  Every day I try to set myself goals or little tasks (bite sized chunks) and I feel that then helps me to manage my time better. We all get 24 hours in a day; it’s What’s Important Now – WIN. With two young children with the attention spans of butterflies, my mantra is W.I.N!


Tell me, what’s your favourite motivational quote? Or is it a song? I’m an 80’s girl at heart and nothing pumps me up more than cranking up the volume for a boogie! I’ll ask that those who have witnessed this phenomenon to refrain from providing evidence in the interest of attaining / retaining readership!


This week I will be working on some administration & operational manuals for Chem-Dry Austyle in the hope of establishing more systemisation to make thing easier in the long run. Hopefully I will look back in a years’ time & be glad I started today!


Hope you take that first step this week, I leave you with a great song – hope it gets you dancing!


Have a great week Austylers!


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