31st October 2014.


I love Halloween. Today will be my toddler’s first trick or treating experience (wish me luck!) & I’ve just read ’10 things you should know before you take your toddler trick or treating’ – I’m sure it’s going to be eventful……


Every year it seems to be growing in popularity but don’t let it spook you! Kids, costume make-up, lollies & chocolate are a recipe for fun & MESS, leaving clothes, costumes, carpets & furnishings looking like your very own horror movie.


Chem-Dry Austyle offers you an alternative for cleaning up post-trick-or-treat without using harsh chemicals. We also sell a range of retail products including  ChemDry Grease & Oil Remover which is fantastic for removing paint, make-up, lipstick & mascara. The Professional Strength Spot Remover just loves food spills & chocolate! These two products are brilliant at allowing you to keep your home in tip top shape between professional cleans & the Professional Strength Spot Remover is also a fantastic laundry pre-spray. For more information, check out our website www.chemdryaustyle.com.au


Happy Trick or Treating Austylers!


Amanda Ward, Chem-Dry Austyle

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