Sunday, 27th July 2014.

This time of year I hear people say, ‘I’ll book you in after winter when the weathers warmer’. Maybe its the shorter days or the fact that it gets darker earlier, but I think people tend to hibernate more during winter. It’s also cold & flu season and therefore, I believe vitally important to maintain a healthy home.

Carpets cleaned by Chem-Dry are dry in 1-2 hours regardless of time of year. Our cleaning process relies on the power of carbonation & our unique, safe, non-toxic, green certified cleaning solution called The Natural® provides a powerful clean whilst using 80% less water than steam cleaning! Therefore carpets dry times are reduced to 1-2 hours instead of days. We understand that you’ve got better things to do than wait for your carpets to dry!

Other cleaning methods use chemicals or harsh detergents that often leave soapy, dirt attracting residues resulting in carpets requiring cleaning more often. The Natural® doesn’t contain any nasties or dirt attracting, soapy residues so your carpets will stay cleaner for longer (saving you money) plus it’s ideal for those that are chemically sensitive (such an important factor for me with two little ones.)

You clean & disinfect anything your kids use – their cutlery, clothes, toys – so why not the floors that they crawl & play on? This is especially important if someone in your house suffers from allergies. Carpets are magnets for dirt & dust & if not cleaned properly, can accumulate large amounts of soil which can exacerbate allergies. Carpet manufacturers also recommend annual cleaning to maintain & prolong the life of your carpet.

So don’t put it off if it needs to be done. Think of the health of your family & we’ll provide a thorough, professional clean & give you peace of mind that you’re maintaining a healthy home. 

 Have a great week Austylers!

Amanda Ward, Chem-Dry Austyle

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