The Internet has all sorts of wonderful information at our fingertips & its common sense these days to understand that you do not believe everything you read on the internet. Far too often I’m receiving calls lately from people asking for help after an accident has happened & ‘we read on the Internet to try this……’ with disastrous results!


A rather adventurous on-line tip is to use a hot iron on your carpet to remove wax. Set the heat setting too low & you’ve just spread the wax through the carpet fibres creating an even bigger mess. Set it too high & yep, you’ve just burnt your carpet & probably left an iron print on the floor! (Just a note: burn marks do not clean out!)


A question I get asked with increasing regularity lately is ‘we’ve applied vinegar & bicarb to the carpet but it didn’t work. What do we do now?’ My first piece of advice – Don’t! Do It! It might be a couple of pantry ingredients, but what are you applying it to? One person this week applied it to a rug after an accident, left it for a few days only to then discover the colour was taken straight out of their delicate rug! Aside from altering the pH of the original problem and potentially spreading the stain, your also risk ‘setting the stain’ & make stain removal that much more difficult.


Sites that say ‘save money & make your own cleaning agents’, now I find those really interesting. Would you trust an on-line blogger with an interest in home-making to design a fantastical concoction to resolve the stain removal of your expensive rug, antique furnishings or delicate leather lounge suite? I’m not a gambler myself. I’d rather rely on the decades of research than have gone into Chem-Dry Green Certified cleaning products.


By calling Chem-Dry Austyle in the first place, we can provide advice from over 24 years of experience & accredited Master Technician Training, professionally clean the carpet & upholstery, reapply the factory applied stain protection & provide Professional Strength Spot Removers (ideal for use on accidents & spills such as wine, blood & make-up) for future accidents.


We are always here to help. So, whether you need advice on cleaning, maintaining your valuable furnishings or even some help with your next major carpet purchase, if you’re not sure – just give us a call first. We’d be happy to help!


Until next time Austylers!




Amanda Ward, Chem-Dry Austyle

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