When you are renovating or building there is a lot to plan & budget for in the short & long term. Budget, fashion, functionality and convenience can influence our choices especially with major purchases. Below are a few points to considering whether or not carpet is for you.


Cost Saving.

Carpet has an initial installation expense and then it’s relatively inexpensive to maintain compared with other flooring options on the market which can require sanding, resealing or resurfacing.



Carpets improve indoor air quality by trapping air borne allergens & dust and holding them until they can be removed.



Slip & fall accidents occur on hard surfaces, not carpets and little ones learning to move & walk will fall over!


Environmental Sustainability.

New technologies allow old carpets to be recycled into new carpet or other products eliminating the need to acquire raw materials.



Carpets absorb sound and in busy homes with kids, big TV’s, speaker phones, laptops, IPad, game consoles & sound systems who doesn’t want to minimise the echo?



There are so many different types, colours & styles on the market today, the choices to choose from are endless.



Ceiling / wall insulation, curtains / blinds, carpet / rugs & draft proofing are all vital to adequately insulating your home. Not only to create a comfortable environment, but allowing you to save energy & therefore save money.  Carpet is an important factor in insulating the floor and provides a psychological feeling of comfort and warmth.



Curling up on a hard floor in front of the fire just isn’t very comfortable!


Remember, we are fully trained & accredited technicians and always available should you need a professional opinion regarding the cleanability of a future purchase, installation concerns or have any carpet related queries.

Until next time Austylers!Photography by Bruce Starrenburg at Lightbox Studio


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